The radio silence is over. I wrote for 30 days, missing only a few to hit the 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, but also extremely exciting. I doubted myself for a split second, especially on the days that the writing got tough and it felt more like a bad trip to the dentist than a great writing session.

I owe it to my sister . She kept me going. She would text me her word count and that was enough to keep the fire burning under my feet. Ultimately, the competition was fierce, the word sprints were fast and the awe of being able to write without a self editor constantly nagging every word and sentence made for a fantastic month of literary abandon, as the NaNoWriMo team calls it.

For anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel, I highly recommend the experience. I have countless novels sitting at 15,000 or 25,000 words. This experience was eye opening. I cannot give up on my characters in those unfinished novels, just like I cannot give up on my writer self.

Once a writer, always a writer. Now, I can officially call myself a novelist.

Here’s to 50,000 words!



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